Sourcing Change was founded on a single concept—that the outsourcing and shared services industry is a constant state of change.”

Implementation of shared services and outsourcing results in a fundamental change to the way buyer organizations work, demanding a structured approach to transitioning stakeholders– organizations, teams and individuals– from one business model to another. The goal of that change is to efficiently assist stakeholders to change their ways of working, first adopting, then embracing and expanding the new model in order to deliver a business case…and more. As clients’ approaches evolve, providers must constantly evolve their market approaches in order to stay relevant to their buyers.

So many buyer organizations believe that having compelling business case alone is sufficient to get stakeholders on board. Yet sourcing changes the organization’s balance of power and controls, and disrupts careers, making the move to new business models a very personal adjustment. Rational arguments fall on deaf ears, requiring a new approach to scale shared services and outsourcing models.

But the change does not stop with the buyer. Providers, too, must change in order to stay relevant and thrive. Go-to-market strategies, sales and marketing approaches, and organizational constructs must continually adjust to make solutions relevant.

Whether you are an organization deploying outsourcing or shared services, or a provider striving to become a major force in the industry, we hope you’ll find the support you need in our blogs, articles, whitepapers, tools, techniques and services.  to successfully overcome your sourcing change challenges. Visit often, join the debate by contributing commentary, and help the industry experience better sourcing change.


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