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Walked in your shoes. War stories. Networked to others with track records implementing sourcing change. Executive presence. Ability to coach. Deep functional expertise. Passion.”

Deborah KopsUnlike other change consultancies, the Sourcing Change team has actually implemented shared services and outsourcing for both buyers and providers, putting the power and pitfalls of change management into perspective. Using a framework developed through hands-on sourcing change experience, we coach your team to implement effective sourcing change.

It’s your change, not ours. We’ll work as part of your team, with your internal resources and other consultants/advisors. We’ll also admit when we don’t have all the answers you need. As part of a community of practitioners and experts, we’ll make our network yours.

Effective sourcing change management requires a wide range of skills-knowledge of outsourcing and shared services, communications, organizational design, human resources-along with deep expertise designing and implementing change programs.

Conceived by Deborah Kops, Sourcing Change taps into the experience of subject matter experts as client situations require. With our wide network of organizational design, talent, training, human resources, legal, outsourcing and shared services advisory, communications and, most importantly, sourcing leaders at all levels who have “been there and done that,” we’ll be able to help you deliver sustainable results.

Deborah learned about the challenges of sourcing change management the hard way—by failing. As a result, she is able to deliver results in situations where change is required and the rules must be rewritten, focusing on elimination of barriers to adoption, and helping stakeholders acquire new skills to effectively adopt, embrace and expand new business models.

With experience as a corporate managing director, consulting partner and provider, she has a unique perspective on the major challenge to outsourcing and shared services implementation—effectively and sustainably changing the way people work in light of the myriad implications of sourcing—new relationships, different cultures, enhanced technologies, different delivery locations, new cost structure, changed workflows, focus on the customer, increased quality, introduction of commercial structures, and other considerations. And she sees similar challenges on the provider side as a crowded field fights to become increasingly relevant and differentiated.

As a client, Deborah had end-to-end responsibility for global sourcing implementation at two financial institutions. At a global investment bank, she served as the transformation leader for a market-first global procure-to-pay outsourcing implementation, and set up an enterprise-wide “smartsourcing” initiative. For a top 7 US bank, now part of Bank of America, she managed and sourced administrative processes, increasing customer satisfaction of the all-important retail banking division.

Formerly an executive with one of the largest offshore business process outsourcing (BPO) companies, and a founding partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers’ pioneering outsourcing line of business, Deborah saw the implications of change management issues from the provider perspective first hand. And, as advisor, she has honed consulting and communication techniques that help clients institutionalize change leadership, working with companies such as Bank of America, Bank of Montreal, National Australia Bank, the World Bank, Verizon, AT&T, and the Australian Government.

Deborah currently writes columns on change management for Shared Services and Outsourcing Network and Outsource Magazine. She has been ia contributor to the Human Resources Business Review, a journal of the Human Resources Outsourcing Association, Business Trends Quarterly, and the European Outsourcing Review. Deborah has presented at industry forums sponsored by Deloitte,  the Financial Times (New York and London), Corporate Research Foundation (London), SSON (US, UK and Hungary), Das Shared Services Internationale/ Management Circle Finance and Accounting Transformation (Frankfurt), The Conference Board Shared Services Conference (Chicago and New York), HROA (Brussels and New York), SharedServicesLink Global Services (New York). She has delivered workshops at institutions such as University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business, Carnegie-Mellon University, and Lancaster University School of Management.

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