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What’s your GBS?

Get a life, folks. The preoccupation with defining global business services doesn’t further the cause of world peace. Who cares, beyond those of us who a), want to create sufficient angst amongst CXOs to sell profitable consulting contracts; b), shared services leaders who want to rebrand; or c), self-appointed pundits (like me) who want something […]

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All Things To All People: Why Shared Services And Outsourcing Stakeholder Management Fails

Ask any leader trying to transform his organization through shared services and outsourcing who his stakeholders are, and he’ll come up with the standard list—the business units, executive management and perhaps even his company’s external customers. For good measure, he might throw in the retained team and suppliers. But are all stakeholders in a shared […]

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Is GBS Good for Sourcing Leaders?

  There seems to be a sea change in the market for senior global services talent as a category. Just a year or so ago, talent deeply competent in sourcing—design, selection, transition and governance—was very  hard to find, and pricey to boot. But today the sourcing folk looking for the next big gig are now on […]

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Outsourcing’s like an all inclusive vacation package

Outsourcing and Club Med in the same breadth—you’ve got to be kidding! Somehow sandy beaches, pina coladas and surfing don’t equate to 3000 man delivery centers, quarterly business reviews and dashboards. But hear me out. When you enter into an outsourcing contract, the provider’s offering is not much different from an all-inclusive travel package. We […]

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What’s the future for finance shared services and outsourcing talent?

When I’m not obsessing about the lack of investment in change management when companies outsource, I worry about talent. Luckily, ACCA (, the global accountancy body, is worried about talent of the finance variety, especially in light of the adoption of shared services and outsourcing models….and gives me the opportunity to put some of my […]

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What kind of a shared services leader are you?

Not too long I sat through a panel comprised of very experienced shared services leaders. And it hit me like a ton of bricks; although each was accomplished in his or her own way, every panelist’s path to leadership was very different. So I came up with a typology of career paths which represent the […]

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The Joys of Sourcing Intercourse

If you think the titillating title will transport you beyond the bounds of propriety, don’t bother to read on. I’m merely referring to the rush one gets from the standard definition of intercourse (according to Merriam-Webster): 1), connection or dealings between persons or groups; or 2), exchange, particularly of thoughts or feelings. Having just come […]

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Luck o’ the Irish Outsourcing Leaders

Not too long ago I met an Irishman named Coleman O’Flynn at an outsourcing transformation conference. And as he was charming the dickens out me with his soft brogue, it hit me like a ton of bricks—look around at some of the leading business services transformation initiatives, and you’ll find more than your fair share of Irish […]

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Outsourcing industry—where’s your voice post Delhi?

It’s been over two months since the brutal rape that left a 23 year old woman dead. Yet when it comes to the outcry that magnified the treatment of women in India, I cannot recall one article or blog posted in a Western outsourcing mag or rag, one outsourcing client or advisor raising their voice, […]

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The Religion of Outsourcing

  “Outsourcing is a religious decision. You either believe in it or you don’t.” So sayeth Alex Jablonowski, one of those client types who was an early adopter of outsourcing as chief executive of International Banking at Barclays. Alex has a point; some of us embrace the concept whole heartedly (often leaving in some room for […]

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