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Is GBS Good for Sourcing Leaders?

  There seems to be a sea change in the market for senior global services talent as a category. Just a year or so ago, talent deeply competent in sourcing—design, selection, transition and governance—was very  hard to find, and pricey to boot. But today the sourcing folk looking for the next big gig are now on […]

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Will shared services leaders take the GBS helm?

  The current common wisdom assumes that GBS leadership will be the pinnacle of career progression for shared services leaders. After all, who’s the logical inheritor of the mega-services platform mantle but the guys and gals who slogged it out early on, establishing the first consolidated, standardized service delivery models.  But should the top enterprise […]

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What’s the future for finance shared services and outsourcing talent?

When I’m not obsessing about the lack of investment in change management when companies outsource, I worry about talent. Luckily, ACCA (, the global accountancy body, is worried about talent of the finance variety, especially in light of the adoption of shared services and outsourcing models….and gives me the opportunity to put some of my […]

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What kind of a shared services leader are you?

Not too long I sat through a panel comprised of very experienced shared services leaders. And it hit me like a ton of bricks; although each was accomplished in his or her own way, every panelist’s path to leadership was very different. So I came up with a typology of career paths which represent the […]

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Outsourcing Executives: What’s your career narrative?

If you missed this, blame it on the post Easter chocolate egg euphoria. Posted on HfS Research earlier this month by my friend Phil Fersht, I didn’t get much of a backlash. Now that tax time is over, perhaps you’ll have a swing at me. I’m obsessed by careers. I spend time trying to make sense of […]

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Picking on outsourcing execs AGAIN?

If you are so inclined, check out my latest contribution on HfS Research’s Blog. Since it’s April, and too cold in Virginia for my thoughts to turn to love, I substituted an examination of the careers of outsourcing executives. Seems to me that you can predict career narratives of many of our good provider friends. […]

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Revisiting the Sustainable Outsourcing Relationship Quiz

Several years ago, I developed an outsourcing relationship quiz, and posted it on the Shared Services and Outsourcing Network website. And it didn’t get much traction. But times seem to have changed. Seems as if every outsourcing client is more concerned about the quality of the relationship than ever before. So Ithink it’s time to […]

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Shared Services Leadership Survey

Look around at the players in our shared services community, and you’ll see four distinct pathways to leadership. Each pathway corresponds to the level of maturity of the model, and at the same time is shaped by the business context in which the model operates. Which pathway characterizes your career? What kind of a shared […]

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Barista or Bangalorean? Time to source shared services (and outsourcing) talent at Starbucks?

Barista or Bangalorean?  Time to source shared services (and outsourcing) talent at Starbucks? Recently I had the privilege of chairing The Conference Board’s vaunted annual Shared Services Conference. Since I’ve always had trouble sitting still, and chairing a conference means listening intently in every session, I was blown away when Paul Nicolaisen, VP Shared Services […]

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Merry Sourcing Change Year

What is Santa putting in the stockings of all you shared services and outsourcing change agents this year? Seats  at the table when the sourcing strategy is first formulated so you don’t have to clean up afterward Business lines that don’t see you as empire builders Understanding by fellow team members that change is more […]

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