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Why outsourcing providers are selling the wrong thing

  I’ll admit that I pick on outsourcing providers’ websites and PowerPoint decks. It’s a guilty pleasure—reading ridiculous superlatives, looking for those same-y redundancies one to the other that tell me that all cats (read: outsourcers) are black in the night, and counting the typos and the instances of awkward English (even in the sites […]

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Making an outsourcing relationship better: that’s above my pay grade

  There seems to be a trend going on amongst outsourcing client types. It’s called the kick-the-can upward approach to fixing a flailing relationship. The game goes like this: client relationship manager and account manager agree that there are problems with the relationship. The client gripes, while his or her provider account executive expresses all […]

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“Call me maybe”– sales approach at outsourcing conferences?

Now I’m not always current on the latest pop (for me, the zenith of pop music was in the 70s, and everything’s been downhill since then), but I can hum Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song Call Me Maybe. And, with the annual social rite of going to shared services and outsourcing conferences just about underway, […]

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Outsourcing Relationships: Not Puppy Love

I’ve been obsessed about what constitutes a good outsourcing relationship for some time. Whenever I have the ear of a player in our outsourcing community, I leap at the opportunity to pick up another brilliant observation about what works…and what doesn’t when two parties come together to provide business services. Yesterday morning I was speaking […]

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Legal: The Hardest Profession to Make Outsourcing Change?

The last bastion against outsourcing? Recently I sat down with Ed Brooks of the LPO Program to discuss the challenges of change management in the legal profession. Whether the perpetrator of the change is the GC, or law firm management, changing a profession that is mired in tradition, has historically been isolated from other corporate change, […]

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It’s the water cooler chatter that sinks outsourcing and shared services change.

You know the situation well; the sponsors are all bought into outsourcing and shared services, but the stakeholders-at-large have mounted own guerilla war, trying to sink the program. Finding, and managing, the ringleaders is often like herding cats. You know who I am talking about: those self-appointed keepers of the corporate flame who position themselves […]

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Behave and Believe—The Ultimate Goal of Shared Services and Outsourcing Change Management

  Last week I was wading through a pile of change management methodologies—you know, the standard ones that are actually quite good—the Kotter and the PROSCI frameworks and strategies, tools and techniques.  It struck me that the change management challenge for outsourcing and shared services is not the dearth of methodologies—there are plenty of templates […]

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It’s Greek to Me

One company’s multitower contract is another’s bundled deal. Are process and functional outsourcing synonymous? What’s the difference between shared services and captives? Why can’t the industry use the same terminology? Are we destined to cope with a veritable Tower of (global services) Babel? I live and breathe the outsourcing industry, and yet even I am […]

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Manage Outsourcing Change by Communicating Remorse

By Deborah Kops  Most of us have been down on our knees praying that the relationship does not blow up over an error. Perhaps the cutover was delayed because the provider did not conduct sufficient user acceptance tests, or an employee committed fraud within a client account because controls were inadequate, or the client did […]

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It’s (power)Pointless to manage outsourcing change

It boloxes me that companies think that the lingua franca of communication is PowerPoint, and that five succinct phrases on a well-laid out page will convince people to change their opinions, rearrange their loyalties, understand the issues and forge new relationships. Yet in the outsourcing and shared services world, almost nothing—from examining a business model […]

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