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Outsourcing’s like an all inclusive vacation package

Outsourcing and Club Med in the same breadth—you’ve got to be kidding! Somehow sandy beaches, pina coladas and surfing don’t equate to 3000 man delivery centers, quarterly business reviews and dashboards. But hear me out. When you enter into an outsourcing contract, the provider’s offering is not much different from an all-inclusive travel package. We […]

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Why outsourcing providers are selling the wrong thing

  I’ll admit that I pick on outsourcing providers’ websites and PowerPoint decks. It’s a guilty pleasure—reading ridiculous superlatives, looking for those same-y redundancies one to the other that tell me that all cats (read: outsourcers) are black in the night, and counting the typos and the instances of awkward English (even in the sites […]

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Picking on outsourcing execs AGAIN?

If you are so inclined, check out my latest contribution on HfS Research’s Blog. Since it’s April, and too cold in Virginia for my thoughts to turn to love, I substituted an examination of the careers of outsourcing executives. Seems to me that you can predict career narratives of many of our good provider friends. […]

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“Call me maybe”– sales approach at outsourcing conferences?

Now I’m not always current on the latest pop (for me, the zenith of pop music was in the 70s, and everything’s been downhill since then), but I can hum Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song Call Me Maybe. And, with the annual social rite of going to shared services and outsourcing conferences just about underway, […]

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What a surprise to outsourcing providers…people actually matter to the CEO

The prevailing belief in the sourcing world is that cost is king and people are fungible. Yet a study by The Conference Board, The Conference Board CEO Challenge 2013 (, flies in the face of this, and other commonly held tenets, about the way the C-suite regard sourcing initiatives. Today’s study, based upon a survey […]

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Which Planet are Outsourcing Equity Analysts from?

2013 is bound to be an interesting year. With a host of rumors and suppositions out and about in the first five days of the year:  outsourcing saving companies faced with the economic implications of the U.S. fiscal cliff, the oft-imaginative Indian press declaring that this is THE year for M&A, and visions of social media and robotics effecting indelible changes on the industry, […]

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Losing the War for Talent: Why Offshore Providers Come Up Short Onshore

Over the last few weeks, I must have had at least 10 calls from outsourcing talent currently looking –or being recruited for new positions–many of them by offshore providers. And that’s not counting the calls from search consultants, desperate to locate that buried diamond of a sales-accounts-or-solutions guy who can be persuaded to jump ship. […]

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Don’t be Afraid of the Dark Side

Those of us who have been around the services industry from its infancy speak in code…both in acronyms (BPO, BTO, BTO, PPE), and in highly connotative shorthand — the cowboys, the Indians, nearshore, offshore, onshore, smartsource, resource, eSource, etc. One of the most telling codes is how we differentiate between the unholy trinity in this […]

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It’s Greek to Me

One company’s multitower contract is another’s bundled deal. Are process and functional outsourcing synonymous? What’s the difference between shared services and captives? Why can’t the industry use the same terminology? Are we destined to cope with a veritable Tower of (global services) Babel? I live and breathe the outsourcing industry, and yet even I am […]

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