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Finance tranformation roles: pathways to CFO

This report asks a simple question: are finance shared service and transformation roles valuable in the career path to becoming a CFO?  

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Transformation Challenges In Finance

Change in any organisation is difficult, especially when there is a change of control coupled with new rules and an industrialised way of working. When finance moves to a shared services or outsourcing model, business unit personnel can no longer go down the hall and ask Hans or Susie to pay a bill out of […]

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Are finance shared services/outsourcing leaders Luddites?

I’m digging out of my winter doldrums and putting pen to paper again. And I’m you’re going to write, I might as well get some blood boiling. You might find my latest paper written in conjunction with ACCA and their stellar advisory committee of the best and the brightest finance SSO leaders a), candid and honest; b), darnright […]

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Is finance function technology delivering on its promise?

In a world where technology is continually turning business on its head, is the finance function keeping up? Are finance leaders effectively exploiting the power of technology in service delivery operations? Are we seeing significant improvement in finance performance such that better business outcomes can be realised? In short, is technology fulfilling its promise for […]

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Global Business Services: A Game Changer for the Finance Organisation?

For those of you wondering whether GBS is good for the finance function, please peruse my latest research for ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants). GBS models, if fully implemented, have the potential to turn the finance function upside down, either taking finance transformation to the next level, or taking the CFO’s eye off […]

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The Future of Finance Talent

This report suggests a number of trends that could affect finance talent management in the future. It focuses particularly on the implications of further growth in shared services, outsourcing, the rise of global business services and their relationships with the retained finance organisation. These trends are intended to stimulate the debate on the future of […]

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Finance Transformation

ACCA: Expert Insights on Shared Services and Outsourcing This report presents insights from global experts of companies at the forefront of finance transformation activity.  It explores the issues, challenges and opportunities facing businesses transitioning to new finance models to improve business performance.  This is the first in a series of reports exploring aspects of finance […]

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Outsourcing Change iPad app - ACCA

Never Fear, a Sourcing App is Here.

Tired of wading through voluminous reports? Want to see and hear, rather than read fine print? Want to manipulate the data yourself? Check out a market-first app on the success of finance and accounting shared services and  outsourcing. Co-authored with Jamie Lyon of ACCA, the app can be found here. This app presents findings from […]

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Change Management for Outsourcing

After years of implementation, the fact that outsourcing triggers a myriad of changes—organization, process, workflow, technology, service levels among others—is still sidestepped by the industry. While most players give lip service to the need for change management when sourcing, there’s still a lack of understanding of the skills and capabilities that make change management strategically […]

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2012 Talent Management in a Shared Services World

This ACCA (the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) report provides results from one of the largest-ever surveys on talent management practices across the global finance profession. Introduction When finance functions incorporate shared services, new questions arise in relation to talent management outcomes. Shared service models – no matter what their scope or how they are […]

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