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“Call me maybe”– sales approach at outsourcing conferences?

Now I’m not always current on the latest pop (for me, the zenith of pop music was in the 70s, and everything’s been downhill since then), but I can hum Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit song Call Me Maybe. And, with the annual social rite of going to shared services and outsourcing conferences just about underway, […]

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Legal: The Hardest Profession to Make Outsourcing Change?

The last bastion against outsourcing? Recently I sat down with Ed Brooks of the LPO Program to discuss the challenges of change management in the legal profession. Whether the perpetrator of the change is the GC, or law firm management, changing a profession that is mired in tradition, has historically been isolated from other corporate change, […]

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Buyers Forget that Outsourcing RFPs are Sales Jobs

Providers aren’t the only sellers in the outsourcing game. In fact, if a buyer doesn’t hold up his or her end when it comes to selling the opportunity, he or she risks a suboptimal relationship. Forget about the common wisdom that the relationship starts at selection and contract development—it actually starts the day that the […]

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It’s the water cooler chatter that sinks outsourcing and shared services change.

You know the situation well; the sponsors are all bought into outsourcing and shared services, but the stakeholders-at-large have mounted own guerilla war, trying to sink the program. Finding, and managing, the ringleaders is often like herding cats. You know who I am talking about: those self-appointed keepers of the corporate flame who position themselves […]

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Sourcing Change Management Lessons from the Fiscal Cliff

Government is the gift that just keeps on giving…when they’re not taking through regulation and taxation.  Check out my newest post at

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To brand or not to brand (shared services and outsourcing). That is the question…

  Now, I fundamentally believe that branding any corporate business model change that happens through shared services and outsourcing is a good thing. After all, people buy brand. Brand is shorthand for what we get, and what we expect to feel like after we buy a product or a service. It’s a promise.  And when […]

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Outsourcing and Shared Services Change Lessons from the U.S. Presidential Election? Are you kidding?

Before you think I am off my rocker, take a look at my newest post for SSON on Despite the overuse of the word change as a rallying cry on the part of both sides, there really are some lessons in the conduct of the campaigns for shared services and outsourcing leaders.

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Is the retained accounting team comfortable with shared services and outsourcing

 Not too long ago I was having a conversation with one of our industry’s leading finance shared services gurus. When he started to muse about the ability of accountants to adopt to new delivery models, he became very animated.  “ Accountants live for rules. Take them away and they are like fish out of water. […]

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Likeability: a success factor for sourcing leaders?

The slog-em-out that characterized this year’s American presidential race surfaces the question of likeability. Was likeability—rather than the right vision or a realistic plan for the country’s future—the reason one bloke won as opposed to the other? The American electorate seemed to rate it. Empathy and a regular Joe approach with a murky vision appeared […]

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Avoid Classic Change Management Mistakes

Change management is often cited as the biggest impediment to successful shared services and outsourcing implementation. But it is manageable and predictable, if you follow a few simple rules. Please fill out the brief form below to download the visual guide to avoid classic management mistakes.

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