Sometimes listening to new approaches and ideas is enough to start the sourcing change journey. Whether delivering a seminar, facilitating a panel, organizing a management workshop, or hosting a round table, Sourcing Change’s perspectives can turn commonly held beliefs about the sourcing industry upside down, prompting buyer and provider audiences the connect the dots in new and different ways.

A highly ranked speaker, Deborah Kops has chaired industry conferences for such organizations as the Conference Board, Shared Services and Outsourcing Network (SSON) around the world, the prestigious FT Outsourcing and Offshoring conferences in London and New York. She has served as a member of the Leaders’ Panel for the highly regarded Deloitte Shared Services and Outsourcing Conference in Europe, and is a featured speaker at industry conferences on topics such scaling shared services, change management, innovation, sourcing capabilities and the challenges of global implementation.

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