Accessing Change Readiness

Management may approach the imposition of outsourcing and shared services as a “done deal,” but every organization has particular characteristics that suggest it will adopt or reject change—the trick is to assess and translate these characteristics at the first stage of the sourcing process in order to design a program which is able to navigate obstacles and achieve sustainable change.

Content focuses upon:

  • Identifying the potential for extent and pace of change, and whether corporate values will change
  • Determining the non-negotiables in the corporate culture which affect change
  • Learning the lessons from previous initiatives and identifying the implications of concurrent organizational change
  • Predicting change responses in an organizational context, especially the levels of anticipated resistance
  • Deciding what attributes the organization wants to embed or correct through sourcing change
  • Identifying the change implications of specific options: shared services, outsourcing, or hybrid models

To discuss training workshops  in more detail, please contact us.  We can customize any of these offerings to meet your specific needs.


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