Developing a Comprehensive Change Plan

Critical to getting stakeholders to move through the process of adopting, embracing and ultimately expanding the changes represented by sourcing implementation is the development of a comprehensive change plan that is integrated with transition and steady-state governance. Most organizations see change management as an afterthought, bringing in human resources professionals when it’s time for layoffs, and the corporate communications team when the announcement date draws near. But a change management plan embedded in the overall program can deliver so much more benefit—detect resistance to change which can be quickly addressed or skirted around, pace implementation, or drive the implementation of new ways of working from the outset. During this session, participants will be able to

  • Develop change principles that support the program’s vision and strategy
  • Baseline—get clarity on what changes, what stays the same and what is undecided
  • Obtain a common view of change risks and develop mitigants
  • Determine resources
  • Define timelines, deliverables and response models
  • Coordinate with competing initiatives
  • Develop mechanisms to change program scope and pace in response to change issues
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