Steady State

Embedding Change in Steady State

Sourcing change never ceases as long as human intervention is a component of the business model. During steady state, personnel change, scope is modified, technology and workflow is modified, and business needs constantly evolve. As a result, the proverbial sourcing plot can be lost, yielding a sense that the shared services or outsourcing model is no longer working. During this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Determine whether ‘solution denigration’ has transpired over time
  • Validate steady state structure, roles and responsibilities
  • Identify any pockets of resistance and their root causes
  • Assess efficacy of ongoing induction, training and communications routines
  • Design program to reinforce rationale for/ benefits of the model
To discuss training workshops  in more detail, please contact us. We can customize any of these offerings to meet your specific needs.

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