Incorporating Change Management into the Sourcing Strategy

Too often, change management is code for improving communications post decision and design, either when the formal announcement is about to be made, or when stakeholder noise becomes deafening. Savvy organizations understand that the sourcing decision is a tactic to achieve change, incorporating change management into, rather than as an appendage to, the program.

Working in a workshop format, your team will be able to:

  • Agree change principles to serve as a foundation for the sourcing strategy
  • Identify the broad change challenges implicit in scoping and deployment design; refine the plan accordingly
  • Suss out specific catalysts and minefields that will impact implementation
  • Design the right change team for the initiative, identify resource and training requirements, and clarify the responsibilities of the PMO
  • Identify the role of the provider in implementing change, if any
  • Outline the core elements of a change management plan,incorporating them into the overall program plan
To discuss training workshops  in more detail, please contact us. We can customize any of these offerings to meet your specific needs.

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