Selling and Scaling

The majority of program leaders forget that the case for sourcing must often be justified again and again to key stakeholders—executives at a peer level to the sponsor, operating lines of business and geographic units–all of which will have a different take on the need for and the benefits of sourcing change. “Selling” in this context consists of educating executives about the full range of sourcing options and their plusses and minuses; putting a preferred strategy or strategy in the organizational context; gathering input into scope and scale; and demanding their support throughout implementation.

  • Target stakeholders whose adoption or influence is a critical success factor, a “guiding coalition”
  • Identify strategies and tactics to bring the sourcing concept to life, e.g. offshore tours, meetings with providers or discussions with other sourcing organizations, newsletters, or internal conferences
  • Identify interventions to gain support and championship
  • Develop specific guidelines for messaging within executives’ divisions
  • Design and agree mechanisms to continually communicate progress and gauge and rectify reactions
To discuss training workshops  in more detail, please contact us. We can customize any of these offerings to meet your specific needs.

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