Marketing Shared Services and Outsourcing


Scale is the best friend of shared services and outsourcing change. Without scale, shared services and outsourcing is not much more than a corporate hobby, garnering few resources, corporate sponsorship….and respect. When shared services and outsourcing initiatives obtain scale, it’s difficult for stakeholders to refuse to play.

However, most organizations fail to link marketing shared services and outsourcing with effective change management. With an organizational roster of sourcing, commercial, transition and transformation specialists, few teams incorporate the vital sales and marketing skills that make a difference between a pilot project and an enterprise-wide change.

Whether you’re moving down the shared service or outsourcing path, Sourcing Change helps you apply sound marketing and branding methodologies to grow the business. We focus marketing your services internally—that’s what Sourcing Change helps you do.

Contact us to learn more. We customize our services to meet your specific needs.


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