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The outsourcing industry is lucky to have a substantial field of very talented outsourcing advisors. With strong skill sets in most aspects of outsourcing—scoping, business case development, sourcing and deal structuring, the left-brained aspects of outsourcing are covered.

Outsourcing is fundamentally a change in business model. And, as long as there are business units, regions, embedded and retained teams, and provider staff, the greatest potential for failure comes from ignoring change management. Yet many successful outsourcing advisors do not have the staff, the expertise or the bandwidth to deal with change management beyond giving the client a few communications templates.

Yet the number one complaint about outsourcing is ‘if my dashboard is so green, why are we so miserable?’ There’s an easy answer—lack of focus on change management—how the organization changes and how it accepts change.

Sourcing Change’s sole focus is on the change management aspects of outsourcing. We don’t compete with the boutiques or the management consultants when it comes to provider scoping and selection. We do, however, spend our time looking at what the industry euphemistically calls ‘chemistry’ and other soft factors, working with you, or even with your outsourcing advisor, to ensure you are making the right match, and are taking the right approach to implement change, and eventually scale your sourcing initiative.

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