Outsourcing & Shared Services Consulting

Sourcing changes the fundamental way buyer organizations work, demanding new responses from providers.  As outsourcing consultants, we work with both buyer organizations and providers to overcome the challenges of scaling outsourcing and shared services models.  Whether you are a sourcing organization that aims to make remote delivery models, or a provider organization that believes traditional approaches to the market are not effective, Sourcing Change can help you move the dial.

Services for Sourcing Organizations

As opposed to traditional change consulting approaches which embed teams of consultants into the organization to do the work, Sourcing Change believes that the client’s team must be fully equipped to deal with the changes that emanate from the implementation of outsourcing and shared services as a business model.

Whether as a sourcing organization, you are just beginning to evaluate your ability to adapt to a sourced business model, are stumped by stakeholder resistance, need help designing effective change messaging, or want a strategy to scale your sourcing initiatives, Sourcing Change will support you through formal workshops, consulting or one-on-one coaching, as and when you most need it.

While we’ve developed our services to respond to the most common change challenges, since no two companies experience them in quite the same way, we tailor our content to meet your specific needs. Because Sourcing Change functions as community, not a consultancy dead set on racking up hours, we are able to tap into a wide range of resources, including corporate leaders and other experts who have come to grips with similar obstacles to sourcing implementation.

Workshop sessions and coaching assignments equip you to deal with the following issues:

Our workshops can be structured in a format as short as a few hours, or as long as several days, and targeted to executive stakeholders, internal customers, business or functional unit owners or the program team. At the end of each workshop, or advisory assignment, you’ll have the knowledge, tools and techniques to move the dial on sourcing change.
To discuss these workshops and coaching topics in more detail, please contact us. We can customize any of these offerings to meet your specific needs.

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