Sourcing Consultants


To source, or not to source, that is the question. And, as operations become more complex and global, the answer isn’t necessarily clear. Shared services, outsourcing, internal transformation, or a hybrid? The shape of sourcing shouldn’t reflect the lowest cost play, but rather the right approach for the company.

Sourcing Change is a different kind of sourcing consultant.  There’s actually a predictive model that suggests that certain company cultures are better off sourcing smaller scopes rather than taking a big bang approach, or moving to a shared services model rather than working with a third party provider. And the time is not always right to source. In short, we spend time looking not only at corporate persona, but also at sourcing readiness.

So if you want to augment the expertise of your sourcing consultant, or take out a clean piece of paper and design a sourcing model that your organization can readily adopt and sustain, give us a call.


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